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Understanding Slips & Skids

This course will discuss what it means to have the flight controls “cross-controlled.” It discusses and defines the differences between slips and skids. We look at what really happens during skidding turns and how to avoid them. It explains when a slip can be a life-saving maneuver and how to accomplish one properly. It explains what happens when you stall an airplane during a slip and during a skid and differentiate which is worse.

Slipping turns are safe—much safer than skidding turns. This course explains why. It also discusses the importance of speed control going into, during, and coming out of a slip. The often-confusing forward slip and sideslip are explained, and when each is appropriate. We discuss slipping with and without flaps extended. We also discuss the differences involved between high-and low-wing airplanes. Mark and Brian will separate fact from fiction.

Below are the links (and more) to which we referred during the presentation:

Resources and Links



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Rich Stowell's Website

Master Instructor Rich Stowell has specialized in spin, emergency maneuver, aerobatic, and tailwheel training since 1987: in the classroom, in the cockpit, in front of seminar audiences, in writing, and in front of the camera.



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CP Aviation, Santa Paula, CA (SZP)


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly an aircraft? Stop wondering, and start flying! We offer Introductory (Discovery) Flights where you get to experience the thrill of being in control.


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Figure 1 Foundation - Scholarships

The Figure 1 Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to aviation scholarships. The foundation acts as a conduit between investors and determined individuals pursuing a career in aviation.  We grant the appropriate funding, guidance, and access to the highest quality flight training available to people who otherwise may not have the means. Furthermore, the foundation inspires pilots who are already on a career path with advanced flight training scholarships, giving them the experience needed for better job placement.

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